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Miért fontos, hogy minősített nyelviskolában tanulj?

Do you want to be extraordinary?

Learn a language that will make you feel unique! Buy the First Steps of Hermes CD-Rom based language learning package! Available in Turkish, Greek, Lithuanian and Hungarian. Best choice for teenagers and young adults. Everyday situations, up-to-date topics. Perfect for self-study and groups as well.
A must-have for language teachers to brighten regular lessons.

Interface:        English + the target language

The product includes: CD-ROM

                                   Printable Learner’s Manual

                                   Printable Teacher’s Book

Skills to be improved: listening and reading comprehension





The CD-ROM contains 7 topics:

  • Module 3: FOOD
  • Module 4: SHOPPING
  • Module 5: TRAVELLING
  • Module 7: ACCOMMODATION 

To accomplish the ‘First Steps of HERMES’ you will have to spend about 100-120 hours studying depending on how motivated and devoted you are. When studying, use other resources (dictionaries, websites) and get familiar with new ways of communication (like chat and blogs) as well.

Tips to make your language learning with HERMES even more effective and enjoyable:

  • Read the Learner’s Manual to get a glimpse of the whole course material.
  • Set an achievable goal in learning the target language.
  • Plan your learning time carefully: set a timeframe and integrate it into your daily routine. Make sure your family and friends appreciate your devotion.
  • Take your time – you don’t have to be a recorder! You can do the exercises again and again, go back and revise certain topics, grammar structures and expressions.
  • Make learning lively: listen to the dialogues without reading them, or read and listen to them at the same time, etc.
  • Use the product regularly, at least 2 or 3 times a week – the more often the better.
  • You don’t need to spend long hours in front of your computer, but try to dedicate 15 – 30 minutes working time with the CD-Rom each occasion.
  • Make sure that during that time you can focus on studying and will not be disturbed
  • You can print out everything from the modules, so you can take activities and word lists with you and you can revise them even when you are not sitting in front of your computer
  • Although you can select the module you want to study freely, it is advisable to start with Module 1 and work through the material till Module 7.
  • Listen to the dialogues and texts more than once and try to imitate the speaker’s pronunciation and intonation.
  • When you find an unfamiliar word, use the wordlist of the CD-ROM. It contains all the words and expressions used in the exercises and dialogues. The wordlist tells you only the meaning you need to understand the course material. 
  • Don’t worry too much about grammar. Memorize the words, expressions and sentences instead.

And last but not least the most important tip: Enjoy it! Kacsintás

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The CD-ROMs are available at Tudomány Nyelviskola or order them by phone: 368-1156

HUF 6720 (EUR 22.-)

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